An offer for Visiting Artist/Artisan

An offer for Visiting Artist/Artisan

Visiting artists/artisans to Mezimbite for 2012

Between the two equinoxes, when there are a few less mosquitoes, there is a slot for a visiting artist/artisan at Mezimbite to work with wood and other forest materials to make wonderful things.

My team and I spend the whole year training locals how to make things. While we think we do a really good job, our skill pool is limited and our ideas are generated in isolation far away from the consumer world. We want one of you to visit us each year in an exchange of skills and ideas.

This is what we can give you:

1. A road trip from Johannesburg through the landscape via Inhambane to and from Mezimbite (we will also find a way for you to get to JNB our closest air hub)
2. A basic place to stay
3. Organic food
4. Workshops with good equipment and great craftsmen with whom to collaborate
5. Some of the finest sustainable noble hardwoods on the planet and some other marvelous materials
6. Mentoring from resident Masters

What you can give us and leave behind:

1. New skills for our young apprentices
2. Exposure to all of us to new and exciting ideas
3. And more that you must propose to us.

If you are a professional Artist/Artisan (we do not discriminate on the basis of age, or sex) Please make us a proposal with some examples of your previous relevant work and our gang will evaluate it and lets see where we go……


Deadline: 16 March 2012

Interviews: March/April for action starting in May or June



Some conditions:

1. All intellectual property remains the property of the author
2. Artists may use, under consultation any of the natural materials available at Mezimbite, but will be required to bring in their own basic arts materials or any additional materials or tools that they may like to work with. Materials transported are limited in volume to the normal free baggage allowances of the airlines, but from Johannesburg we can cary up to a maximum total load of 1 ton (metric) by car.
3. Moving of works. There are basic packaging materials available at Mezimbite and we can make crates if needed. Transport to Johannesburg is limited again to a maximum of one ton or what fits in a pick up, if by air to the baggage allowance of the airline. It is your art work so think about this (you may also need to look at insurance).
4. Art works will remain the property of the artist. If additional multiples are to be made and it is appropriate to make in Mezimbite we have the first rights to do so (the work will be costed out at our normal commercial rates, who and how it is paid will have to be negotiated).
5. Documentation. The artist is expected to thoroughly document their work in an appropriate way, but must also include photographs and video (action) which we must be free to use and publish.
6. Sale of works. If sold or exhibited for money, we want a fair share in proportion to the value that we added.
7. Exhibition and publication, When any work is shown you must fully acknowledge that it was made as a visiting artist/artisan at Mezimbite and the inputs from Mezimbite.
8. If appropriate we share ideas and research and visions with a wide ranging scope
9. What happens if we don’t get on? We send you back and call it quits.
10. Medical liability, all yours, you must have emergency evac insurance and must be aware of malaria risk and should take anti malarial or other preventative actions.

  1. Allan03-04-2012

    Only two weeks left to send your proposal!

  2. Allan03-10-2012

    We have quite a few good proposals in, but there is still a week left. So do some writing!

  3. Allan03-14-2012

    Tomorrow is the last day to send us your proposal!

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