Karim Ajania is the Founder and Editor of The Brick Project website.

The Brick Project was the subject of Karim’s doctoral thesis research at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

He is a former school teacher and middle school principal of a Massachusetts state charter middle school.

He has also taught at New York inner-city schools in Harlem and the South Bronx. As part of The Brick Project research and development on multicultural school curriculum, Karim also taught at schools in Zimbabwe, Lithuania, India and several other countries.

Karim is the Executive Director of The Educationalist learning laboratory, which researches and develops educational technology programs. He is also the Founder and Director of a middle school program in California which builds community with children in Africa called Pencils for Africa. He is also the Founder and Editor of African Peace Journal.

He was born in Kenya and attended primary school in Nairobi and high school in London, England.

Karim holds advanced graduate degrees from the Media Lab at MIT and from Harvard University.